« Now that you are 18, you're going to skull 18 glasses of wine." That is howmy 25-year descent into hell with alcohol started. Over half my lifetime. Ihad watched my parents drink their life away throughout my childhood, andhated it. Yet, I followed the exact same path. This book is my life story,from my student years until the collapse of my family. It is the account ofhow dependency sneaked in. It is the real-life story of shame, lies, sadness,the loss of self-control, how alcohol impacted my personal and professionallife, and the failed attempts to quit, until the one spur that led me to coldturkey. "This wonderful story should not only inspire those afflicted by thedisease of alcoholism, but also educate those closest to him, and the publicat large." Pr Laurent Karila, French addictologist and psychiatrist, spokesmanof the association SOS Addictions. This story is the testimony of a man whodoes not claim he knows how to cure an illness that is still not completelyunderstood, regardless of its prevalence in our society. But this book doesconvey a message of hope and positivism.

Erwan Gramand

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